About: Me

ty¬†Hi, I’m Tyler.

That isn’t my real name, it’s one the guy who started finding/writing these stories¬†gave me, but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s kind of like a slight alter ego. It gives me confidence.

I like to wear hoodies, live in a small studio apartment, play my guitar late into the night while taking a break from reading scary stories online, and I’m tired of microwave meals because I think I’ve literally tried every one ever made. And no I do not do drugs. I like to keep my mind free and clear.

I also happen to have a memory of a small Florida amusement park that may… or may not have actually existed. Read the Kiddie Land story to learn all about it.

I am a self-proclaimed CreepyPasta afficiando. Scary stories are the only kind of short stories I read online. They can be real or fiction, that doesn’t matter. I like lost episode stories but not pure fanfic stuff like that takes place in someone else’s established world. If you don’t know what a CreepyPasta is (I know calling something a pasta takes away any sense of seriousness), it comes from copypasta, which is a short story meant to propagate through the internet, hence the term coming from “to copy and paste.”

I also like conspiracy theories, rare media/files, finding hard to obtain information, etc. I’ve even made some money as an information broker, I’m proud to say! I also dive into the deep web a lot. You know, that place where you go and instantly stumble on a strange site like a red room where everyone on the other end already knows everything about you and instantly puts viruses on your computer and will then hunt you down. Only not really because that isn’t how the world works, that’s just what happens in stupid stories.

Anyway, speaking of sites, if you want to learn about this one then check out the about the site page. I run the place and am the keeper of the tales within. I just didn’t write them. I don’t write my own stories because I like to remain impartial.

I’m also currently looking for a girlfriend and am not embarrassed to admit it. I’m not picky. All I ask is that you cook for me.