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crlogoFor us kids born during the last years of the 1980’s or those just following them, we grew up in a strange, new, post-a-lot-of-things age. Think about it: our parents grew up in an era of nearly 50 years where Russia and its allied states existed in a shadow of secrecy, beyond the iron curtain that went up almost as soon as the world’s most destructive war ended. The U.N. didn’t exist without the Cold War until 1991. The rest of the world changed around the Soviet Union. The first 16 James Bond movies were made with the Cold War as a backdrop! And though the schism that separated so many people waned and grew over the years throughout different evolving conflicts, a lingering threat of a far greater conflict always persisted.

Men and leaders, who became hardened after fighting in or overseeing WWII. Those on both sides who developed the atomic bomb. Those younger ones just under them, and those who turned their backs on the calls for change in the 1960’s. These people, many of which had and still have a different worldview than the current generation, led and changed America and Russia, thinking that the long, slow-burn conflict was all leading up to a calculated end.

And then, it didn’t. With little fanfare other than the tearing-down of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union was suddenly dissolved. Russia, which had to develop many of its own consumer products, airplanes and airlines, telecommunications, vehicles, and so much else, now had to contend with a world that was far changed from the one it had nearly sealed itself away from.

The results of so many decades of mistrust and having the “other superpower” present must have had profound effects that we haven’t even seen yet. How many hidden agencies and agendas might have existed throughout so many years, once thought mainstays to the few who knew of them, disappeared without a trace? What lengths would their paranoia drive them to achieve? What happened to those who no longer had a purpose?

Relic is an amazing word. It hints at something far older, but I think that a better description is that it defines something no longer relevant, nearly extinct. Like an object that touches upon a nearly alternate universe, some time or place that was almost more permanent if history had simply gone down a different past.

These are the stories of potentially just a few of these objects, things, people, and ideas. They don’t cover anything already widely known, such as the CIA’s MKUltra project, or attempts to use nuclear bombs “peacefully” in mass construction projects, or who else might’ve been behind the assassination of JFK. The 1960’s in particular were very tumultuous, and it’s difficult to truly know where one connection ends and another starts. And who knows just what else the USA might’ve been cooking up during Vietnam – something more diabolical than Agent Orange perhaps?

Rather, we’re a small group that is onto something smaller, and likely all but forgotten. We were “founded” by someone who gives us all aliases in the stories, and has yet to give himself a name, so for now I just simply refer to him as “Our Hero”. Hosted here is a series of interconnected stories that may lead up to and end of their own, long after the age of their origins has passed. I won’t go into more detail about them here. Whatever you’ve been searching for, if you’ve found this site, then it’s time to start reading. We may be the only ones who can uncover what could be just another wrong committed in a time of insanity.

The last generation hid some secrets.