The Stories

In chronological order.

[ Laser Tag] – [Kiddie Land] – [LIZ-4] – [The Electric Rabbit] – [Signal Intercept]

1: Laser Tag

Dates: Occurred ~1997, written in 2009, reposted 2013

Author: Original unknown, reposted by Our Hero

Location: Florida Panhandle

Background: The story that began our exploration of a series of events and connections, the origins of this tale are murky at best. It is a transcription of a journal entry posted on an old, defunct message board called CreepyToys. The original author remains unknown, as is how the original transcriber happened upon his journal. The post was recovered from a database backup years after the forum went offline.

Summary: A mysterious laser tag set (gun and vest) is discovered by an adolescent and used in a neighborhood game. Little do the unsuspecting group of friends know just how dangerous it is.

2: Kiddie Land

Dates: Occurred in 1990 and 2008, posted in 2013

Author: Our Hero

Location: Central Florida

Background: Following his discovery of the old Laser Tag post, Our Hero recalls a strange childhood memory.

Summary: He isn’t the only person to have recollections of an enigmatic small amusement park on the side of a Florida highway. I did too! This story introduces our pals “Kate” and “Jack”. It also introduces the idea of not being able to trust our memories.

3: LIZ-4

Dates: 1988 and 2014

Author: Mother in 1988, transcribed by her daughter in 2014, reposted later that year

Location: Northern Alaska

Background: A posting found on the Deep Web that attracted Our Hero’s attention, he saved it and reposted it. It may have been lost otherwise. It has a mysterious connection to the other stories.

Summary: Assigned to help decommission an old and nearly unlisted warning station out of Barrow, Alaska during the last years of the Cold War, a woman happens upon an old computer that puts her in contact with a stranger.

4: The Electric Rabbit

Dates: 2014

Author: Our Hero

Location: Buffalo, New York

Background: After I hear about and then experience an odd video game on a prototype, unheard of system, I tell Our Hero that he needs to see it for himself. This is his journal of what happened.

Summary: Imagine that you’re watching TV, and Dora the Explorer suddenly really does need your help, and will die all sorts of horrible deaths if you mess up. And then it gets worse.

5: Signal Intercept

Dates: 2016 and a little bit of 1985

Author: Kate

Location: Rural Pennsylvania

Background: Following email correspondence between Kate and Boris, the two head out to a forested location in his high-tech van, in hopes of finding out what might have happened to Our Hero.

Summary: Remote locations hiding secrets and unexplainable radio broadcasts lead to more terrifying occurrences, in what is in some ways the sequel to The Electric Rabbit.